Street Art

This post is a little different from usual.  It isn’t about my own sketching but is about the wonderful street art that can be found on the streets of Brighton, where I live.

I had a meeting in central Brighton this morning, but I was just 10 minutes early – not enough time to shop but it was too cold to stand and wait around.  Last weekend I had had a conversation on Twitter with someone from the fab Starr Trust who was working with some local young people on a street art project to promote a campaign encouraging young people in abusive relationships to talk to someone.  So I thought I’d use my spare 10 minutes to have a look at their art, which was just nearby on the wall of The Bagelman shop.  This is what they had produced:

Speak Out

I think its fabulous and makes its point so well.

As I walked from The Bagelman to my meeting I noticed street art everywhere – art I’ve passed a thousand times but haven’t really seen.  So I took a few more snaps on my phone.

Whales 1


And then I saw some more on my way home:



These pictures were taken on my camera phone so they’re OK but not as good as they could be.  I’ve decided that the next time I have a spare day I’m going to take my Nikon 1 into town and go on a street art safari.  So watch this space.


3 Comments on “Street Art”

  1. That Speak Out is wonderful!

  2. hanger17 says:

    Reblogged this on Time for Action.

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