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Today’s face 95/99  13/08/16

Today’s face is a little more personal than usual. It’s a portrait of my Mum, who died a year ago today. I drew this portrait yesterday. It’s not the first I’ve drawn of her and I still can’t quite capture her likeness. I almost did: about halfway through it looked so much like her mother, my grandmother, it was scary. And then I lost it somewhere around the mouth. I still struggle with getting mouths right.

Drawing mouths and teeth is always the hardest part of a portrait for me and on a portrait of Mum it’s definitely very difficult. So much so, it made me howl with laughter. Because let’s be honest, she’d hate this portrait. If she was still here, she’d insist that I took it down straight away and never let it see the light of day! She hated her teeth and she hated any photo that didn’t flatter her and this portrait  both shows her teeth (and not well) and isn’t a good likeness but, worse still, it’s not very flattering either. A poor likeness would be OK if was flattering.

So a thousand apologies Mum but this portrait is important to me because it was made with so much love. And I didn’t want to get to 99 faces without including one that really matters in this week that is so important to me.

Drawn in a Moleskine sketchbook with a Unipin pen and Copic markers. And if you’re wondering about the lettering – I’m doing the Sketchbook Skool Creative Lettering kourse at the moment taught by Andrea Joseph and this is lettering from one of this week’s lessons, drawn with my non-dominant (left) hand and then embellished.

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