Today is the #Sktchy30 challenge day I knew was coming but was dreading. The Day 12 challenge is to do a self-portrait. What does this one say about me? I spent the entire morning procrastinating, avoiding the issue, finding other things to do, thinking perhaps I might not to do this challenge at all – but I’ve done all the others so far… I thought of hiding behind a book, a cup, some other object. I hate photos of me, I have had perhaps a dozen taken in the last decade. But in the end I headed for the bathroom mirror and experimented with my phone and ended up with almost half a selfie that seemed like a good basis for a self-portrait. It also feels like a good description of me – as someone who has struggled for much of my life with serious “invisible” health issues I often hear the phrase “but you don’t look ill” so this portrait is the half of me that doesn’t look ill 🙂 The other half is hiding out of view.

Drawn in a Moleskine sketchbook with a Pelican m200 fountain pen and Copic markers.


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