Today’s face: Emma, inspired by Sktchy. Drawn in a Daler-Rowner Ebony sketchbook with Posca pens.

I was inspired by a Sketchbook Skool friend, Helen Wilding, to try sketching with Posca pens. She’s posted some fabulous work online recently made with these pens. I’ve never used them before but I bought a skin tone pack & had a play. I’ve got a lot to learn, most of all that I shouldn’t use them straight on sketchbook paper – I obviously need to prime the paper first because almost from the first stroke the surface was rubbing away.  Nevertheless I kind of like the pens – being able to blend  them with water is definitely an asset and I was able to use that ability to work up layers in much the same way as I do with Copics and watercolour. So, next time I will prime my page first and then see what more I can do.


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