Aileen’s dog

Today’s face: Aileen’s dog, inspired by Sktchy. This weekly challenge on Sktchy is to push your art in a new direction by using something unique as your canvas. So I hunted round my house for something suitably interesting to draw on and and came across this large stone that we use as an occasional doorstop – it’s about 14x10cm at its widest points. Then I browsed my Sktchy queue (of photos I want to draw) looking for a suitable portrait and came across this one of Aileen’s dog, who has pretty much the perfect shaped face and “please draw me” eyes. I did contemplate drawing him/her in 3D around the entire stone but that felt like too much of a challenge for today so I stuck with a simple 2D portrait across the top of the stone. Maybe next time I’ll try a 3D portrait…

Drawn on a stone using Posca pens.


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