Today’s face: Lynal, inspired by Sktchy. This card is part of Sktchy’s Secret Santa card exchange which I signed up to in November. Everyone who signed received a blank card in the post with some instructions, the name of another Sktchy member and an envelope with that person’s address. We were instructed to draw choose an image of that person from their Sktchy photos and draw a portrait on the enclosed card, write a message on the back, take photos and then send the card to them before December 10. Then we should post photos of the portrait on Sktchy today, December 22nd. I am Lynal’s Secret Santa and this is the portrait I drew of him.

Drawn on a Sktchy card with a Micron 01 pen, Copic markers and Copic white.

I haven’t received my portrait in the post yet but I’ve seen it on Sktchy and it’s very beautiful. When it arrives I’ll ask the artist if I can have her permission to post it here.


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