Today’s face: Rolando, inspired by Sktchy.

Drawn in a Laloran sketchbook with a Micron 01 pen and painted with Zecchi Toscana watercolours.

Recently I’ve been involved in a couple of conversations with other artists, both amateur and professional, on Instagram about whether or not we curate our feeds. What I mean is that some (many?) artists choose to posts only to post their very best work and curate it be themes, such as colour, so that their IG grid looks a certain way.

I’m obviously not a professional artist but I am a Sketchbook Skool ambassador and cheerleader so I choose very deliberately not to curate my feed in any way. I post a portrait every day (or at least every day I do one) whether it’s good or bad (although if I do two in one day I sometimes keep one back for a day when I might not do one if I’m not feeling too well so that I almost always have something to post). The important point for me is that I post work I’m not always happy with as well as my best work.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that it keeps me honest. But the more important one is that I know that I can’t produce great work every day, but what’s important is that I draw every day. Posting work daily is important for me but I also want beginners to see that all my work isn’t of the same standard – some days it sucks. I find it so reassuring when artists I admire post sketchbook work rather than finished canvases and I can see that their quick sketches aren’t so vastly different from mine, or when they post something that went wrong.

So today’s portrait is one of those that sucks. It might not look too bad but you haven’t seen the photo I was drawing from. This man is a god! He is so beautiful and I’ve made him look bleurgh. I thought his chiselled cheekbones would be straightforward to draw but I could not get them right, his tan turned out mustard, everything that could go wrong kind of did. But I’m posting it anyway. Maybe I’ll have another go at it another day …. in the distant future, when I’ve got over the trauma of this one ­čśé

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