#DirectedByWomen Frida, and Manifesting Power in Women past the body

Awesome article written by my rather brilliant daughter 😍

Screen Queens

Somewhere in Mexico, men carry a four-poster bed through a garden filled with cacti and monkeys. It is the opening shot of Julie Taymor’s four-times F-rated feature starring Salma Hayek as one of the world’s most iconic artists. Because tucked inside that bed is Frida Kahlo, who throughout her lifetime suffered various illnesses and injuries but became celebrated for her paintings, activism and individuality.  Taymor’s film doesn’t shy away from Frida’s struggles and her fierce determination to continue despite them. But it also delves into the real spirit of a painter, and the politics that turn the tides of culture.

It’s no secret that the male gaze has plagued the narrative of women’s stories on and off screen since the dawn of cinema and long before. We’ve seen blatant objectification and depersonalisation of female characters to the point of lamps; ‘leading ladies’ reduced to failing the Bechdel test; and I’ll…

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