About the hare

I draw – all the time. If I’m not working, cooking, walking the dog, reading, driving or at the movies, I’m drawing. I’m a slovenly housekeeper because I’d much rather be drawing. I don’t pay much attention to the TV these days because while it’s on I’ve got my iPad in my one hand, my Apple Pencil in the other and, yes , you’ve guessed it, I’m drawing. Occasionally, very occasionally, if I’m not drawing, I’m looking at other peoples drawings or, if my eyes are too tired for drawing, I’m making something else with my hands, with knitting, crochet or sewing.

So you don’t thinking I’m too one-dimensional I will also confess that I love books, movies, music, photography, hares (no surprise there!), dogs, cows, gerbils, my husband and my superstar daughter.  If you follow me on Twitter you’ll soon also figure out that I both volunteer and work for a range of mental health projects.  I’ve had serious mental health problems myself and, somehow, out of those, have managed to develop a part-time career using my own lived experience to help train mental health professionals, promote mental health research and improve mental health services.

I love my work but it can be hard and stressful and drawing is a vital part of my self-care.    I live in Brighton, England.

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