A Year in Portraits

The incredible artist Roz Stendahl shared a slideshow of a half year of Sktchy portraits on her blog and on the Sktchy Facebook page yesterday. She explained that she’d just discovered by accident that it was very easy to make and share a slideshow from photos on an iPad Pro. I was, of course, immediately inspired to have a go at doing the same with my portraits!

So this afternoon I created a photo album of every portrait I drew last year (every single one, good and bad), created a slideshow of them and uploaded it to YouTube. More than 300 portraits makes quite a long slideshow, more than 9 minutes, but watching it is such an interesting experience for me because there’s so much learning, pleasure and growth in those portraits. If you’re interested in looking at some of the slideshow- I’m not suggesting you sit through all 9+ minutes! – you can find it on YouTube here.