Today’s face: Sayeh, inspired by Sktchy and the Old School Sktchy Facebook group’s WAX (Weekly Art Extravaganza) challenge, which this week has the prompt “obscured”.

Drawn on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil using the Procreate app.



Today’s face: Jeff, inspired by Sktchy. Sktchy currently post a daily inspiration photograph for members of their subscription programme to draw as an optional challenge. This is the first time I’ve taken up that challenge, partly because I love drawing Jeff’s wonderful face.

Drawn in a Fabriano watercolour sketchbook with a Pelikan m200 fountain pen and painted with Jackson’s artist watercolours.


Today’s face: Blichè, inspired by Sktchy. Last week my friend Aleesha and I created a new closed Facebook group, Old School Sktchy, to revive and share Sktchy’s old WAX challenges and other art challenges. This week group member Karen Schaffer’s has posted a primary colour art challenge, challenging members to create a portrait using just the three primary colours plus black and/or white. This is my contribution to the challenge.

Drawn in a Laloran sketchbook with a Micron pen and painted with Zecchi Toscana watercolours.


Today’s face: Sara, inspired by Sktchy. My Sketchbook Skool and Sktchy friend Aleesha and I decided to revive the old Sktchy WAX (Weekend Art Extravaganza) art challenges and set up a closed FB group, Old School Sktchy, earlier this week for sharing them. I’m delighted to say we already have around 100 members and we’re having our first challenge this weekend. The theme is winter and this is my challenge portrait. The hashtag for sharing the portraits on social media is #OSSWAXwinter if you want to look out for them.

Drawn in a Moleskine sketchbook with a Pelikan m200 fountain pen and Copic markers then uploaded to an iPad Pro for some additional drawing with an Apple Pencil using the Procreate app.


Today’s face: Maanvi, inspired by Sktchy. Maanvi is today’s Sktchy Friday Face challenge. The inspiration photo is very dark and blurry so it was really difficult to establish theedges of any contours or shadows on the face. In the end I was mostly winging it in the hopes of getting something resembling a likeness and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Drawn on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil using the Procreate app.


Today’s face: Akeem, inspired by Sktchy. Sktchy have started a new weekly challenge called the Friday Face, obviously featuring a face released on a Friday that everyone who has signed up is challenged to draw. Akeem is today’s Friday Face.

Drawn in a Zecchi Diario di Viaggio sketchbook with Micron 005 and 01 pens and painted with Zecchi Toscana watercolours.

Sktchy’s 30 Faces 30 Days Challenge

I meant to post this yesterday and forgot! So here, a day late, are all my portraits from Sktchy’s January 30 Faces 30 Days Challenge which I completed within the 30 days. It was huge fun!

I’m not doing the February challenge because I’m going to be doing Sketchbook Skool’s Illustration Nation kourse from the middle of the month and I really can’t cope with both but check in here and on Instagram (@helenlp) if you want to see what I’m up to with that kourse.