Today’s face: Jay, inspired by Sktchy. Jay is today’s suggested face for Mindful March, the theme for which today is Tapas. Suzan Colon explains that in yoga tapas means little plates of hell, the painful experiences that happen to us that can help us learn and grow, and asks us to share our own stories of how our painful experiences have shaped our creative journeys.

My whole creative journey grew out of pain. I had to set a one year goal when I was doing a pain management course in 2014. I decided my goal was to take one course with Sketchbook Skool. When I went back for my 1 year pain management review I had taken 3 courses and haven’t looked back since. I’ve developed new and more painful diseases since then but making daily art has become an essential part of my pain management. I’m a better artist and a much more creative person in my responses to the difficulties I face.

Drawn in a Moleskine sketchbook with a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen and Copic markers.